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Power of Mindfulness @Work

HIGHLY recommend watching this video : (though longish video). Interview with Chairman & CEO…Continue

Started by Vishu Hegde Feb 29.

Vedic Framework vs Modern Science

Excellent article by Rajiv Malhotra on Vedic Framework vs Modern Science: …Continue

Started by Vishu Hegde Nov 8, 2015.

Interesting astronomical calculations about when Kali Yuga is ending & what next....

… from ancient Indian sciences:…Continue

Started by Vishu Hegde Mar 1, 2015.


Thanks Vishu for introducing me to this wonderful group!I was interested in mindfulness in business and today i stumbled upon this very interesting take on why mindfulness is important in business…Continue

Tags: mindfulness, strategy

Started by suresh c Feb 21, 2015.

Blog Posts

Meeting with an interesting soul - Sri M

Today I met Sri M at IAIM (Institute of Ayurveda & Integrative Medicine ) near Yelahanka, Bangalore . His original name is  Mumtaz Ali Khan, from Trivendram, now settled in Madanapalli (Andhra). He is disciple of Mahaavatar Babaji (same lineage of Paramhamsa Yogananda). There are interesting narrations about his life in the below videos – how he met his Guru from past life, how he changed to Hindu traditions, how…


Posted by Vishu Hegde on October 19, 2014 at 8:26pm

Kailash-Manasarovar sojourn with Sadhguru (Aug 9-22, 2014)

Dear All,

Just back from this magical and surreal two-week Yatra! You can follow my day-to-day blogs (and assorted pictures) at

I used to blog each and every night, no matter where we were,…


Posted by Arvind 'Benny' Benegal on August 27, 2014 at 12:13am — 1 Comment

Is there a need for Avatar?

Does this world need an Avatar or Humans can solve their problems?

Can humans eradicate corruption in the society?

Can humans stop the environment pollution?

Does a human know how to attain liberation?

Does a human know what moksha is?




I have so many questions like this. I get the answer "NO" for many questions.


I think this world needs an Avatar who can clean this world and make this as small…


Posted by Chandrasekhar Pinnaka on May 6, 2014 at 11:10pm

Baba Ramdev starting a political party

In my view Baba Ramdev starting a political party to cleanse the political system in India and bring transformations in education system, health, legal system etc. is a great move. His short interview on NDTV :

Hope he will succede in changing and not get changed by the political system.

Posted by Vishu Hegde on March 17, 2010 at 8:23am — 1 Comment


About Roots & Shoots

Famous Kannada poet, Dr D.V.Gundappa (DVG) wrote:

"Hosa Chiguru hale Beru koodiralu Mara sobagu; Hosa Yukti hale Tatva odagude Dharma; Rushi Vaakya dode Vijnaana Kale melavise, jasavu jana jeevanake Mankuthimma".


"Tree with new leaves and old roots is wonderful; New ideas (Yukti) with old principles (Tatva) make good Dharma (operating principles); Ancient wisdom combined with modern science & art makes life fruitful".

Roots & Shoots (Hosa Chiguru, Hale Beru) community is started with this idea of bringing Ancient Wisdom into contemporary Life.

Spiritual Science is the most comprehensive science and addresses all aspect of LIFE - goes beyond the modern science - body, mind and beyond. Spiritual Science goes to the very core of Human Beings and the Nature as a whole - most profound way to live in all contexts - professional, family, social, business...

Earlier people thought IQ is the most important aspect to be successful in life. Then Daniel Goleman's research showed that EQ (Emotional Intelligence) is more important than IQ. Then came AQ (Adversity Quotient) being even more important than just EQ - what choices/decisions one makes under times of adversity determines where the person goes. Now people are realizing that SQ (Spiritual Quotient) is most fundamental to be 'successful' in 'life' - persons not shaken by external objects & phenomena, but driven by internal inspiration & vision.

Every great Leader, in whichever field, who impacted the world positively, has great spiritual characteristics. As we can see from great Leaders, Leadership is differentiated by the quality of Mind & Energy, not by physical attributes.

In the physical dimension, Productivity is typically measured by the 'touch time' of the tool transforming the raw material to finished goods. In the areas of Leadership and Knowledge driven industry, Productivity is effectively about the 'touch time' of Mind. Modern Medical science shows that typically a normal person utilizes only about 4% of the brain capacity. If we observe a little bit about our mind, we will notice that most of the time it is oscillating between the past and the future - hardly 10% is engaged in the present moment. So, the effective 'touch time' of our brain/mind is just about 0.4%! It is also studied and found that a normal person's mind generates about 68,000 thoughts per day. How many of such thoughts are fruitful and translate into positive actions? What is our thinking error rate?

All great Leadership starts with Self-Leadership - touch time of the mind and the positive energy.

Spiritual Science is the greatest tool to discover this capacity that exists in every individual - tool to transform individuals to be great Leaders. Most of the modern Leadership and Management development programs focus on the behavioral level. Spiritual Science (like in Yoga) goes to the core of the Being and transforms inside out.

This is the thought process behind the Roots & Shoots community. The members are engaged in exploring, experimenting, experiencing spiritual science and applying them into modern day life, business, leadership contexts and propagate it to more people as a service (no profit motive).

Safe Harbor: Spirituality is not equal to Religion. When SPIRIT (rationale) behind the SPIRITUAL is lost only RITUAL remains - that is what happens to most religious practices. Spirituality is pure Science, supreme Science of Human beings and the Universal Nature. This community is not related to any perticular religion; it's engaged in exploring the true human & universal science.

Core Team

Chidambaram S

Dattatri Salagame

Shobha CS

Shrish Kulkarni

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Vishu Hegde





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